Dr. Kenan Kalaycı


Senior Lecturer in Economics (with tenure), The University of Queensland

ARC Discovery Early Career Research Fellow

Visiting Scholar, The University of Oxford (2017-2018)


PhD in Economics, Tilburg University, 2011

BA in Economics, Sabanci University, 2005


Confusopoly: Competition and Obfuscation in Markets, 2016. Experimental Economics (pdf)

Complexity and Biases, (with Marta Serra-Garcia), 2016. Experimental Economics, 19(1), 31-50 (pdf)

Complexity and asset legitimacy in retirement investment (with Alan Tse and Lana Friesen), 2016. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 60(1), 35-48 (pdf)

Price complexity and buyer confusion in markets, 2015. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Vol. 111, 154–168 (pdf)

Buyer confusion and market prices (with Jan Potters), 2011. International Journal of Industrial Organization, 29(1), 14-22. 3. (pdf)

Working papers

An experimental study of competition in two-sided markets (with Kian N. Loke and Stuart McDonald) (R&R, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization)

A Minimum Effort Coordination Game Experiment in Continuous Time (with Ailin Leng, Lana Friesen and Priscilla Man) (pdf) (conditionally accepted, Experimental Economics)

Team Gender Diversity in High-Stake Competitions (with Redzo Mujcic)

Costly voting: A Large-scale real effort experiment (with Marco Faravelli and Carlos Pimienta)


Algorithmic third-party advice in markets with complex goods (with Zhengyang Bao)

Do price limits and trading restrictions abate price bubbles? An asset market experiment  (with Zhengyang Bao, Andreas Leibbrandt and Carlos Oyarzun)

Grants, awards, fellowships

Discovery Early Career Researcher Award, Australian Research Council, $358,000 (2016-2018)

Distinguished Teaching Certificate, UQ School of Economics, International Industry Economics (small postgraduate courses), 2015.

Excellence in Teaching Award, UQ School of Economics, Industrial Economics (small undergraduate courses), 2014.

UQ Early Career Research Grant, $20000 (2013-2014)

Distinguished Teaching Certificate, UQ School of Economics, Experimental Economics (small undergraduate courses), 2012.


Here is my article on Confusopoly published at the Conversation.

Here is my CV.

My PhD student Ailin Leng is on the academic job market this year. Here is her website. Hire her!